"We must defend Hungary"

Fidesz re-elected Viktor Orban as chairman

MH – 2017.11.12. 21:18 –

The ruling Fidesz party re-elected Viktor Orban as chairman at its 27th congress on Sunday. Orban warned against the Soros plan in his speech.

Fidesz re-elected VIktor Orban as chairman in a unanimous supporting vote of 1,358 delegates at the governing party's congress on Sunday. Katalin Novak, Gergely Gulyas, Gabor Kubatov and Szilard Nemeth have been elected as deputy leaders of the party.

"Hungary will defend its borders, prevent the implementation of the 'Soros plan' and finally win the battle," Prime Minister Viktor Orban stressed in his speech. He said Hungary is threatened by the "empire" of US billionaire George Soros because it stands in the way of the plan to make nations a thing of the past and replace them with a Europe with mixed population. The proponents of implementing that plan "want to remove the governments that represent national interests, including our government," he said.

Orban set for the party three main tasks to accomplish: strengthening the achievements of the past seven years, deepening the ideological and spiritual foundations of the party, and defending Hungary's future.