"Efforts to undermine Hungary again under way in Brussels"

Lazar: Ukraine Hungarians' rights should not to be curbed

MH – 2017.11.10. 10:46 –

Events have recently gathered speed in Brussels, the European Parliament is trying to shame Hungary once again, Janos Lazar, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office said at the press conference Governmentinfo 103, according to the Kormany.hu website.

He highlighted: the other day a liberal group initiated yet another committee hearing regarding the case of Hungary. European cooperation should be based on mutual respect, and Hungary is therefore asking every Member of the European Parliament to respect the Hungarian people and to stop insulting them, he stated.

 Addressing the issue of the rights of ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine's Transcarpathia region, Lazar said their rights must not be curbed. Referring to disputes with Ukraine over its education law, Lazar said the government was "working to retain the opportunity for cooperation". He noted that Ukraine was striving for European Union membership, and called on its government "to observe the custom that once a minority is granted a right, that right should be upheld".