Support to Lebanon in settling migration crisis

Trocsanyi visits Tripoli

MH – 2017.11.05. 00:57 –

Minister of Justice Laszlo Trocsanyi visited a refugee camp near Tripoli, confirmed Hungary's support to Lebanon in order to handle migration.

Hungary is paying several million euros in support to Lebanon, which has been heavily struck by the migration crisis, and offers all political support to enable Syrian refugees in Lebanon to return home, Justice Minister Laszlo Trocsanyi said on Friday after a two-day visit in Lebanon, MTI reported.     Trocsanyi visited a refugee camp near Tripoli run by the UN Refugee Agency and studied official procedures and humanitarian services concerning refugees.

The minister told MTI over the phone that along with four million Lebanese citizens, there are at least 1 million registered and nearly half a million unregistered Syrian citizens, as well as half a million Palestinians in Lebanon. The situation seriously burdens the country and generates social tension, he said. Hungary and Lebanon are maintaining close and friendly relations, Trocsanyi said, adding that Hungary considers the stability of Lebanon important and undertakes responsibility especially for the Christian community there.  Hungary has expressed solidarity by providing 3.5 million euros for alleviating the burdens of the migration crisis and an additional 1.5 million euros for the restoration of Christian churches in Lebanon. Additionally, the Hungarian government has offered scholarships to 250 Syrians in Lebanon and to 50 Lebanese university students, he said.